Filmmaking Intensive with Bella Shing

July 1-July 3, 2011

Are you interested in learning how to use video to communicate a strong message?
Would you like to learn how to do this is in a beautiful, supportive environment?

With Youtube and inexpensive, high quality cameras, everyone has the ability to create and distribute powerful media. And like any communication tool, knowing the grammar and vocabulary of the tool simply gives you more flexibility and impact when it comes to communicating your message or art.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an emerging filmmaker, a photographer, a business owner, or simply a fan of funny youtube animal videos, the Esalen Filmmaking Workshop offers a full spectrum of how to create impactful media.
Get inside the filmmaker’s world as you explore the art of low and no-budget digital filmmaking.

Bella Shing, an independent filmmaker, presents a complete filmmaker’s workshop, from concept to directing, from shooting to editing. Through this hands-on crash course, you can gain invaluable experience on how to create media whether it is narrative, non-narrative, documentary, art piece, blog, or ad.


Day 1
*How meaning is created through editing

Day 2
*How to create an impact through framing, camera movement, sound and music
* Brainstorming subject matter and scripting

* How to set yourself up for getting interesting material in the moment
* The Art of the Interview

Day 3
* Shoot and edit


Due to the size of the workshop, not everyone will be able to shoot.
Participants will be teamed up into groups.

If you want to shoot, you must bring the following

* a working digital camera and editing system

* basic knowledge of how to import your video.

* a short 1 minute concept, does not need to be fully scripted

* any footage that you would need for your project
(ie: photos, music and/or video footage).
If not, don’t worry, you can create something at Esalen

Please contact bella at with any questions.

Testimonials from last year’s 3 day workshop

Super organized, full of knowledge ad fun. Great Style of interactive and
accelerated learning. – Adaniel Lepe-Camacho

Technology can be intimidating, so I appreciate this non-threatening, supportive
learning experience. An excellent balance between information and creativity.
Thank you for your patience and expertise, Bella! You’re a true
professional with an inspirational heart! – Joann Takemoto

I really enjoyed the clips and looking at why and how to shoot. Really shifting
into thking about keeping the camera stationary was a very helpful lesson.
The most interesting aspect was thinking about it spiritually and
energetically. -Tamara Kley Contini

Bella, she did the impossible of squeezing a huge amount of information into
10 hours. She’s organized, presents in a quick but totally understandable way.
She’s got a great personality and keeps information interesting and fun.
– Maya Cooper

I walked in with no knowledge of filmmaking science, but Bella made it so
lucid. She is very demonstrative in her teaching technique, and motivates us
to “exercise our minds” when we watch footage. Brilliant! -Sanjay Joshi

I love the “hands-on” and holistic approach which made it fun and very
creative. Thank you for this wonderful workshop!- Marcus Maria Jung

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Here is an example of a video created in our 3 day filmmaking Esalen Intensive the Summer of 2010. (Students only had 10 hours to shoot and edit and export their footage).

ANTICS by Cynthia, Diane and Tamara

Passionate Hearts by Marcus and Sanjay

Reserve this workshop.